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Sanding of your wood floor can be an inconvenience. Not only dealing with the routine of daily life, now you and your family will be displaced for a few days while your floors are being rejuvenated. A&S Wood Floors incorporates the latest in dust containment innovations into the sanding process to provide you with a virtually dust free home. Otherwise known as "dustless" sanding, dust containment systems provide 90% dust free sanding.

Your floors will be sanded down to bare wood removing old finish, scratches, and scrapes. During the sanding process, an extreme amount of wood dust will be produced but we have the answer to that. High powered vacuums are attached to the sanding equipment to gather the dust, removing it from the air. But unlike other systems where the filtered air is recirculated back into the home, our system takes that filtered air and exhausts it outside where even the smallest particles will not gather in the home. And this fine dust is being exhausted outside the home, thus making our dust containment system cleaner than any other.

After the sanding process, we offer the latest technology in oil modified and water based commercial grade finishes. During our visit, we will discuss the most suitable finish for your application.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Information about the health risks of wood dust:

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